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Monday - Friday
7am - 3:30pm

Community Services Branch
Route 293, West Point, NY
(845) 938-4281

Program Manager,
Mr. Christopher Iagrosse

Please note: Recycling we be closed November 27, the Friday after Thanksgiving.

West Point Recycling Center & Collections are done on a weekly bases and bins are exchanged but material inside must exceed 1/4 of the bins capacity. It is determined by facilities normal generating volume throughout the year. If additional containers are needed for your facility, please call the number above. The Rrecycling Center will arrange delivery or take care of your needs. Thank you

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Did you Know?
We recycle Government computer harddrives. We have the capability to destroy unwiped harddrives and then
recycle them as scrap. If you wish to witness the destruction of your harddrive, you may

Things We Accept for Recycling
• Aluminum Cans
• Plastic Bottles
• All Types of Paper
• Cardboard
• Toner Cartidges
• Ink Cartidges
• Plastic Grocery Bags
• Wood Pallets

How Much Energy Do We Make?

Did you know since the start of the Fiscal Year
what we saved so far?

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