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Monday - Friday, 10:30am -4:30pm (hours may vary)

Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)
Army School Liaison Services
Bldg. 695, West Point , NY
(845) 938-2092

Ms. Michi Carl,
Army School Liaison Officer

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West Point is a 2013 winner of the LTG (R) Pete Taylor Partnership of Excellence Award by the Military Child Education Coalition! Read More

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The School Liaison Officer works in conjunction with the Child and Youth Services Division and the local school community to address educational issues involving military children. Through partnering with the local and military community, the School Liaison Officer uses a variety of resources to provide school age youth with educational opportunities and information necessary to achieve academic success and ease transition. The School Liaison Officer acts as a communication link between the installation and the surrounding school districts.
Local School District Information
DoD Education Activity
WP Elementary School
WP Middle School
Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District
James O'Neill High School
Orange County Schools Info Page
NYS Graduation Requirements
School Support Strategy
Army CYS Services School Support initiatives provides a variety of programmatic strategies and resources that help "level the playing field" for transitioning military students. These initiatives prepare schools and installations to respond confidently to the complexities of transitions, and provide Families the assurance that their children's academic well being is a priority.

In/Out Processing
Per AR 600-8-101, all Soldiers with accompanying children/youth (from infant to age 18) will in and out process through Child, Youth and School Services/School Support Services for an explanation of the services of the School Liaison Officer. The School Liaison Officer is located in Building 695, and can be reached at (845) 938-2092.

For more information contact your School Liaison Officer above

You Made the Grade!
Initiated in February 2000, the You Made the Grade Program is designed to reward students in grades 1 through 12 for above-average academic achievement and to inspire them to work that much harder. Qualifying students can receive a booklet with various discount coupons on variety of items. To get the booklet, students must present a valid military ID card and proof of an overall "B" or better average to their local BX or PX. The overall objective of this program is to provide an incentive for kids to not only stay in school, but to excel in school.

Program Qualifications
Participating students must be in grades 1 through 12 and attending a public or private school, to include DoDS. If a child is home-schooled, the student should provide written affirmation of their scholastic aptitude from a parent or other community-authorized education provider. Students must present a valid ID card and proof of an overall B average or better in order to participate.
Students may receive one coupon package for every grade report they receive, but may enter the savings bond drawing only once per calendar quarter. Each coupon package described above will contain an entry form which the customer will mail to an address preprinted on the inside front cover of the coupon booklet. Drawings will be held in January, April, July and October from among all of the entries received by the close of the preceding calendar quarter.

Are you Out Processing soon?
Here are some helpful tips.
Contact gaining school counselor for information regarding student re- cords, transfer credits, regulations, and placement.
Have students most recent school records, separated by student. DO NOT PACK WITH HOUSE- HOLD GOODS. Records should include: report cards, transcripts, special needs documents, shot records.
Have address, phone and fax number of current school or alternate location if school has closed, as well as same information for new school, if determined before departure.
Give current school adequate notice of your departure & formally process out of current school.
Deliver all hand carried records to gaining school according to school policy & provide gaining school with previous school information so that records can be requested.
Non-DOD Schools Program (NDSP)

Transferring with an IEP?
When transferring with an individualized education program, the new school is required to provide a free appropriate public education. This includes providing comparable services to those available through the current IEP. While the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires that the new school provide services, it does not require that the services at the new location be exactly the same as those provided by the previous school. Comparable services are services that are similar or equivalent to those outlined on the incoming IEP. The flexibility in the phrase "comparable services" allows the school to determine how best to provide a FAPE using the previous IEP as a guide to the needs of the
Home Schooling
The below links are additional information regarding home schooling at West Point
Home Schooling
National Home Education Network
New York Home Educators' Network
About.Com Home Schooling
Home Schooling Central
Education Week/Home Schooling

Special Needs
Any child with special needs that has a parent that is either in the Active Army, a U.S. Army Reserve soldier in the USAR-Active Guard Reserve program and other USAR soldiers on active duty exceeding 30 days and any Army National Guard personnel serving under authority of title 10, U.S. Code. must be enrolled in the West Point Army Community Service Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).
The West Point EFMP Program Manager and School Liaison Officer are here to help with the transitions of your child with special needs into the school that your child(ren) will be attending.
West Point EFMP
Offical DoD EFMP
DoD Special Needs Parent Tool Kit
Military & DoD Special Education
DoDEA Special Education Handbook
DoDEA Special Education
Stomp Project
Autism Society of America
CHADD-Children & Adults with ADHD
National Center for Learning Disabilities
Individuals with Disability
Education Act
National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education
USAA Children with Special Needs Pamphlet
National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
Council for Exceptional Children
Guide for Adults with special Needs

Youth Sponsorship & Relocation
Additional information can be found at the below CYSS link.
CYSS Youth Sponsorship/Relocation

Senior Stabilization for Soldiers
The Stabilization for Soldiers program began in April 2001. It allows soldiers to extend their tour of duty at their current duty station for an additional year so a family member can graduate from their current school. So far, over 2,000 military families with high school seniors have taken advantage of this program.
Soldiers who have children in high school must request stabilization from PERSCOM before their children begin their high school junior year.
The request is made on a DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action- see above link). A soldier must list known scheduled temporary duty for a training course and other purposes.
Officers need to contact their branch assignment officers if they are scheduled for training at the end of their current tours. That will tell the branch that the training requirement may have to be deferred.
A letter from the high school stating when the student is expected to graduate from the school must be attached to the DA Form 4187.
Army Regulation 614–200
Assignments, Details, and Transfers
Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management

Stabilization for Soldiers with High School Seniors
5–26. Applicability and criteria

Soldiers with Family members in high school may request stabilization from PCS movement during the child’s senior year. The intent of the program is to provide stability to Soldiers with Family members in their junior and senior years of high school. The provisions of this section apply to RA Soldiers only. Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers should contact their servicing personnel office for guidance. RA Soldiers assigned to non-Army agencies or units must comply with all directives and regulations that apply to their command before submitting their request (for example, Soldiers assigned to the Defense Courier Service (DCS) must comply with DOD Directive 5200.33). Submission requirements are outlined below.
5–27. Submission of requests
a. Requests should be submitted no earlier than March of the student’s sophomore year, and not later than the
commencement of the student’s junior school year (for example, Student’s projected graduation date is Jun 2008;
submit request between March – September 2006). Requests submitted outside of this time frame will be considered as an exception to policy and must be justified as to the delay of submission. Soldiers may be eligible to PCS before the start of the student’s junior year of high school.
b. Human Resource Command (Director, EPMD) is the approval/disapproval authority. All requests will be submitted to HRC for consideration, regardless of chain of command recommendation. Soldier will request stabilization using a DA Form 4187 or memorandum. The request will be submitted through the chain of command to the ACOM/ASCC/DRU level, for a recommendation prior to forwarding to HRC-Alexandria (AHRC-EPO-P) for consideration. Soldier’s request will include the following:
(1) A letter/memorandum from the high school with the student’s name, SSN, and projected graduation date
(included as an attachment to the request).

(2) A statement on the Soldier’s request: “Student (child’s full name) is enrolled in DEERS.” All students must be enrolled in DEERS and must be under the direct care/custody of the Soldier submitting the request.
(3) A copy of the DD Form 1172 (Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card DEERS Enrollment) will be attached to the Soldier’s request if the student’s last name is different from the Soldier’s.
(4) Outside continental U.S. Soldiers whose DEROS is prior to requested stabilization date must include the
following statement in their request: “I will extend my foreign service tour to meet the stabilization requirement. Based on my new DEROS, I understand that I must still meet the required time remaining in service requirement to be eligible for reassignment to CONUS.”
d. Soldiers enrolled in the MACP must both apply if both desire stabilization under these provisions.
e. Requests for stabilization of CSM/SGM and/or selectees for the USASMC will be coordinated with HRC, CSM/
SGM Branch (AHRC-EPS).
f. For Soldiers on assignment instructions, normal reassignment rules apply. That is, Soldier may request deletion or deferment in accordance with AR 600-8-11. These requests will be considered as an exception to policy.
g. Stabilization under these provisions may be changed or canceled due to the changing needs of the Army.

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In State Tuition
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Scholarship Information
The below links are for additional scholarship information.
Military Children’s Scholarship Handbook
Fisher House Foundation Scholarship Programs
If you are planning on attending a four-year college and are interested in receiving a tuition scholarship along with some of the best leadership training available, an ROTC scholarship may be right for you.

Scholarships for Military Children/Commissaries
You will find many scholarships
offered by each branch of the
military and military affiliated organizations.
Special educational benefits and aid are available for veterans and their dependants.
National and Federal aid is available through organizations such as DoDEA, the Department of Education and others.